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Related post: Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 19:04:50 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant Retrainer - Chapter 18This is the 18th chapter of The Reluctant Retrainer, part two of a trilogy of novels of gay underage goth girls sex.Keywords: authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story brazilian underage pussy is entirely a work underage beastiality stories of fiction and lollita underage pics all rights to it and its characters are copyright and private to and reserved by underage prostitute the author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If you are free underage teens underage to read this kind of material or if this underage glamour material will be unlawful for you to read where your live, please leave his webpage now.Contact points: eMail: gerrytaylor78hotmail.com Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Erotic_Gay_StoriesThe Reluctant Retrainer by Gerry TaylorChapter 18 -- Stan the manA week or so later, Stan arrived back from the university hospital -- underage asian fucked a new man in more places than one. His anus had been lasered and tightened to that of a young man. 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If it were not funny, it would have been embarrassing for Andy the way Thor followed him around and even decided that he latina hardcore underage needed to teen models underage take classes in English!I heard no more from Gustav Ahlson about european nudist underage Thor wanting to be bought by me and I did conclude that rightly the young nineteen and a half year old was looking for a father figure more than anything else. This was confirmed when I discovered that his natural father was dead and the mother had re-married.Andy looked sort of pleased at having an admirer, albeit a puppy dog one. So I was not surprised when free underaged vids he asked me if Thor could be his buddy. I said that I would have to ask and see if that were ok as he was preeteens sex underage not one of my slaves.Gustav Ahlson lola shy underage said he saw no difficulty in it, other than Thor transferring over from the group of his fellow nationals and it ended up that he stayed permanently at the Aloe Palace while the others continued to rotate.Two weeks after his return from hospital, Stan was finally bandage- and tampon-free. He had in the interim been engaged in light duties, bringing messages, to-ing nn underage bbs and fro-ing, helping Jess on the repairs to various bits of machinery, though I think they talked more than anything else, according to Aziz, at least.Hassan's pic underage sex pride healed more quickly than the marks on his backside. Food and Drink came preeteen russian underage to me -- or rather pranced their way in to breakfast one morning -- to say that Hassan had privately apologised to both of them. He apparently liked to be in control during sex, and a previous girlfriend had liked to have herself half choked during sex. With Food and Drink, they had not understood the strangulation bit and it had gone too far, by far.Food then asked, `Master, do you listen to what I say?'`Yes, of course, Food, I listen to underage blog bd what you say' underage nudeart -- and I saw his made a head gesture to Drink, as if to say `There, I told underage transexuals black you so."`Why do you say that, Food?'`Master, Hassan says you listen to what I say and that I am to tell you that he is a good teacher.'`Oh, Food, Food,' I thought to myself, `you underaged girls fucking would never make it in the world of underage teen pic tact and diplomacy with your simplicity of mind. Hassan did not know just how closely he was sailing to the rocks of my underage nasty models displeasure.However, Hassan was a fair teacher according to Aziz who had sat in at the back of some his Arabic class, - and that was praise indeed, if Aziz said that he was fair, then free underage nudes he was. But he never caused a problem again and I merely had Mamoud instructed to milk and feed him twice a day - each morning and evening. real underage sex Once underage nude beach he was regularly milked, his underground porn underage sex drive was more than happy it appeared.However, Stan had underage for free returned from surgery and was now totally healed. It was a question of finding something for him to do and that was helping Yuriy in having the pallets australian underage drinking of boxes of vegetables ready every morning. 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But otherwise, he was very quiet.`Stan, you rumanian girls underage are now perfect down there.'A little white lie for someone who wanted so badly to believe that he was.`I would suggest another month's rest and lol underage bbs recuperation from any insertion of any type. What would you say to that?'He did not reply immediately as if distracted and, for a moment, I thought, that my prostate massaging power was better than it was.However, he stood up, a little flushed, and said `Yes, Master, another month. Your wish is my command. Master, I could not help but see the survey plans on your desk when I bent over it.'He waited to see if I would be annoyed or something at him having seen what was on the desk.`They are merely the documents which arrived today on a piece of property underaged girls modelling I have purchased. I underage nude picture have not really even underage pussy licker underage fuck mpegs looked at them' I answered.`Where, Master, is this property?' he asked very pedo underage rape quietly as if overstepping the boundary of decorum, but he had to a certain degree. I was not going to ruin the evening by letting myself get annoyed.`It is the next piece of land to the little underage cum Aloe Palace. We are here' I said touching a bare piece of desk beside the maps, `and it is here' -- touching the maps themselves. `Why are you interested in it?'`This map here, Master,' he said point to one map, `is a survey map of the geological structure of illegal underage cp the land.'That I could see. It had all those isometric readings levels and to the side a listing of the types of layers of sediment which at some time had been surveyed on it.Stan underage nudity illegal continued, and underage pedo star it was then I remembered that he had girl model underage studied geology, `I have seen this underagexxx type of land formation before, Master, in Algeria.'I was looking at him and then at the survey map.`You see these layers of rock pedo underage girls strata here. I think they are wrongly measured. It used to be thought up underage nude forbidden to fifteen years ago that this type of stratum could be up to five hundred feet and then teens pics underage another different stratum of five hundred and so on. But we discovered in Algeria that they were only two hundred feet at a max.'I looked at the date in the corner of the kiddie underage pic map underage toons and it had been done some twenty years underaged gay xxx ago. But at this stage, I was thoroughly lost and did not know were Stan was going.`Stan, what are you trying to say? In simple lesbian underage rape English, please?'`Master, there should be water here or here,' hardcore underage sites he said pointing to two different spots underage nude image about half a mile apart `at less free underaged sex than four hundred feet.'`I think they said underage xxx pornography that, underage xxx pix Stan, when they bored for water in the lower foothills of the Dahran mountains and discovered the fourth largest deposit of gas in the world.'`Which proved what, Master?'`That they were wrong?'`No, Master, that the maps were wrong.'Game, teenporn underage set and match, as they say.I kept looking at Stan and at the survey maps.`But the water might not be drinkable, Master. underage fucking mpeg It could be seawater.'`Stan, the sea is sixty miles away in the Gulf.'`Not that sea, Master, underage ebony girls the sea that real underage bondage was here twenty, thirty million years ago, part of which might have been trapped underneath a movement in the earth's crust. But I don't think so.'`And why not?'`Because of the two wells I underage wet pussy have seen on the Palace lands. They are both sweet water, and they are both on high ground in underage sexrape the Palace lands, not on the highest ground, but high enough.'`So?'`There may be german underage just a pin-prick hole in the rock underneath each of the wells allowing the pressure below to send up sufficient water all the time, but no more than that. If this is true, Master,' he said stories underage sex putting his hand on the maps, `you know what it means.'`Yes, that we have water on the new land.'`Yes, Master, but more than that. The land is a hundred times more valuable, two hundred times more valuable.'`Stan, underage teen cherry underage links I have changed my mind.'`Master?'`I think you should not have to wait a month for underage child ******** sex. I think you should have sex tonight. And as for all of this, I shall let you know.'Stan looked slightly unsure and porn underage free the twist in the conversation about sex, and more sure about being kept in the loop about the sexy underage babes land. That night, he became very intimately acquainted with Ali the young Kurd's tonguing powers and with a new skill that Jiri underage nudest pagents had invented of licking armpits. At inspection, the following morning he looked thoroughly exhausted but quite happy at the same time. to be continued...
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